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Aluminum Bolt Truss Circle Truss For The Concert Hall

Because of the circular shape, the circular truss is more flexible to use and receives more force. It is the characteristics of the circular truss that ensure that the load-bearing can be carried out smoothly without errors.

As a kind of truss, the function of stage truss is different from that of truss, which is to use the special shape of circle, which ensures that the product can be used to a greater extent, so that people who use this circular truss can get more benefits. . And it's craftsmanship is undoubtedly tough.

As a load-bearing item in the product, strict production must be guaranteed to prevent possible problems later. The circular tube truss structure is a rigid covering structure of a large space with a very high number of statically indeterminate members composed of a complex member system.

The round tube truss is a truss made by welding round tubes. The four main round tubes of the round tube truss are all welded with steel bars, so they cannot be folded. Both ends are welded with iron plate profiles, which can be connected to square heads or to round tube trusses. docking.The round tube truss has the advantages of being strong, firm and durable, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor construction of exhibition halls or background walls.

Royal Kay Event Equipment can design the structure based on your usage,we can make it whatever you think!The round truss can be used for concert hall,trade show,indoor stage performance etc.

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