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Installation instructions for aluminum stage truss light hanger for theater gymnasium

As the fixed lighting hanger equipment of the gymnasium, its stability is mainly considered, and the hoisting method of the lighting truss hanger greatly affects its firmness, bearing capacity, etc., so we must adopt the correct way of hoisting the lighting rack The installation method, see the figure below:

Installation instructions for aluminum stage truss light hanger for theater gymnasium

After the lighting hanger completes the safe hoisting method, we must consider the stability of the lighting equipment and the possibility of use. Too few equipment can not meet the needs of users, too much equipment, and complicated disassembly and assembly not only increase the labor of the user. It will also bring unnecessary losses to the stage. According to the requirements for theaters and gymnasiums in the 'Theatre Architectural Design Code' (JGJ 57-88), it must also meet the performance needs of small and medium-sized performance groups. The design idea is: Sophisticated, stable, moderate and provide high-use equipment.

System composition

The stage lighting system is mainly composed of power distribution system, control system, silicon cabinet, lamps and stage auxiliary equipment. The layout of the stage lighting mainly meets the lighting needs of the performance, including side light, top light, backlight, background light and other parts. The lighting uses 1KW film and television return light, 1.25KW heaven and earth row light, and 1.25KW secondary reflection soft light. Lights, LED downlights (color changeable), 575 computer moving head pattern lights and other different types of conventional and lamps cooperate with each other, and the light frame adopts ROYAL KAY EQUIPMENT. The light is composed of three basic lights of red, green and blue. Make it release colorful colors, set off a variety of effects and artistic modeling.

Facing part:

According to standard theater specifications, it is necessary to set up face light, and face light and slap light are the main lights on the stage. However, it is impossible to build a face light bridge and a slap room according to the actual construction situation of the gymnasium. This plan combines the actual characteristics. The face light part is mainly in the front of the stage, and a 1KW film and television return light is set as the face light of the characters.

Top light part:

A top light is installed above the stage, and 1.25KW secondary reflection soft light and 575 computer moving head pattern light are installed on it. During performances or meetings, the entire stage is covered by secondary reflection soft light.

Side light part:

The side light is mainly to highlight the outline and pave the scene on the stage, making it more distinct. The side light part has a fixed bridge light, which is generally symmetrical. The side-light lamps are installed on the side-light lamp stands above the two sides of the stage, using LED downlights (color changeable).

Backlight part:

Backlighting provides full levels and three-dimensionality for stage performances, and is also the main component of stage colors. We set up two backlights, installed above the back area of the stage, and installed LED downlights (color changeable). The main purpose is to make various color changes and action modeling during the performance.


The background light is the main lighting of the stage background, which can highlight the effect of the stage, and can also render the atmosphere of the performance by changing the color. We set up a sky curtain and a row of lights in the sky and on the ground in the back area of the stage.

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