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Intelligent Chain Electric Hoist Lifting With Data Stage Safety Guard

Intelligent Chain Electric Hoist Lifting With Data Stage Safety Guard

Product Item:
IP55 Protection level
Body weight decrease
Implement programming actions
Intelligent interface
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Technical parameters

Rated load
Operating Voltage
Boost Speed
Load Test
Lifting Chain
Dimensions (mm)
Degree Of Protection Crane Weight
1 0.9 220/415-3PH 4 1.25 7*20 IP55 44.4
2 0.9 220/415-3PH 2 2.5 7*20 IP55 44.6

As a new generation of electric chain hoist, V6 not only has consistent stability and safety,it redesigned the fuselage and structure, and seamlessly embedded the bearing monitoring application solution that has not been well resolved into the fuselage, making this function a built-in one.And the new generation of smart electric chain hoist V6 has a variety of customized specifications, which can fully meet the needs of different application scenarios.

1.Integrated fuselage design
In terms of structural design, we broke through the traditional design for the first time and adopted an overall design to make the device lighter.

2.Fluorocarbon coating, aviation aluminum body reaches IP55 protection level

Using Teflon-level coating technology and the use of aviation aluminum, we have achieved an IP55 protection level and greatly reduced the weight of the fuselage.

3.Built-in bearer monitoring
For the first time, load-bearing monitoring is integrated into the fuselage, making each lifting and lowering more accurate, and it is easier to control in multi-lift lifting operations, truly considering engineering safety.

4.The third-generation 45-degree chain guide prevents the chain from getting stuck
After two generations of chain guide design, the third generation of 45-degree chain guide is smoother and reduces the chain jamming phenomenon to the greatest extent.

5.Dual brake system
The V6 series products adopt dual electromagnetic brakes to operate synchronously in terms of braking, which enhances the safety and stability of the crane. The biggest advantage of the dual brake system is that two complete and independent brake systems not only reduce the possibility of brake failure, but also enhance the safety of the brakes, and are conducive to the heat dissipation of the equipment.

6.Lifetime maintenance-free oil bath lubrication system
The gear box adopts an oil bath lubrication system, and after being sealed, it can be maintenance-free for life

7.Hidden handle design, easier to carry
We redesigned the handle of the whole machine to make it easy to carry during actual use, and the design of the Tibetan style pull allows us to maintain the integrity of the fuselage, and the appearance is more integrated and easy to use.

8.Support multiple connection ports
At the same time, it can be connected to the traditional power line and the new generation of heavy-duty intelligent group control line. At the same time, it can meet the needs of V6 to connect to the traditional power supply, and V6 dedicated 8-way group controller to realize intelligent control.

9.Machine linkage intelligent control

● In the previous group control application environment, we can only control multiple cranes, but many problems such as poor synchronization will be exposed. The real-time load capacity of each lifting point can only be judged by the experience of the operator, which is highly dependent on Based on the operating experience of the operator, we hope to bring a revolutionary group control device, which can realize real-time and synchronous display of the load through the built-in load monitor of the V6.
● Through a control device with screen display, we can realize the real-time display of load data of multiple lifting points, which is of great significance for multi-task lifting, with higher safety and stronger usability.
● After choosing the smart interface, the crane will get better stability performance.

Q: When will you arrange the production?
A: We usually arrange the production immediately after receiving your payment if we have the item in stock. Otherwise, please confirm with us for lead time.

Q: What is your accepted payment type?
A: Wire transfer, Credit Card and Western Union

Q: What logistic forwarder do you usually work with?
A: We work with EMS, TNT, UPS, FEDEX and other logistric forwarders. Assigned your own forwarder for shipment is available.

Q:What items do you sell.
A:We produce a wide assortment of the most popular and highest quality event equipment.Our inventory ranges from stage to aluminum truss,pipe and drape,tent,dance floor,barricade,and more.We provide one-stop service including designing,producing,shipping,and after sale service.

Q:Can I get a free sample?
A:For the regular item,we can provide you a free sample for testing before placing the order.But for the customized product,we will need to charge sample fees.Please note that you will need to bear the shipping cost.

Q:Are your prices retail or wholesale?
A:We are the manufacturer and we have our own workshop,this allows us to set prices as wholesale cost,we will pass more benefits to our customers.

Q:How do I place the order?
A:Please contact our sales people to confirm your item and sizes,we will provide you a proforma invoice with exact prices,if there is no problem,you can make your approval and send us your official purchase order,we will start the production based on your purchase order.

Q:Do you sell second hand equipment?
A:Sorry,we don't have second products on sale,all our products are brand new.

Any other questions,please contact us directly.


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